Stay tuned for the release of her new single and music video "Lost in Translation" on January 22, 2021. Follwed by her first EP "Breaking Down the Algorithm" on February 12, 2021. Emma wrote "Lost in Translation" about a moment of clarity where she is able to stop blaming herself for a series of failed relationships. She finds that sometimes compatibility means nothing if the timing isn’t right and sometimes the right timing can fool two people into thinking that it was meant to be. She writes about a British guy she met in China that completely changed her entire perspective on life and love itself, whether they agreed upon these philosophies or not. She comes to the acceptance that real love isn't always meant to be forever and only for that fragment in time because at the end of the day they belong in their separate corners of the earth. Through "Lost in Translation" she expresses a reminiscent and aching feeling of "what if?" ... as the song progresses she is able to find closure through writing and answering her own questions of "why not." ------ "God is always wrong... in the devil's eyes."

Vocals + Songwriter: Emma Negrete
Prod+ Mix: Brandt Sier
Guitar: Nicholas Veinoglou, Bhargav Choudhury
Vocal Engineer: Andrew Dawson, Brandt Sier
Master: David Skye
Photography: Matt Doheny Photo