On the cusp of dropping her debut EP Algorithms on March 26 via Business Records, soulful pop vocalist Emma Negrete (pronounced negret-ay) releases her second single “Magma” now streaming now on all digital platforms. The upbeat dance track showcases Negrete’s passionate voice and ability to connect to her own words. 

KCRW praised the EP's first single, "Lost In Translation" and American Songwriter took notice of Negrete's prowess as not just a vocalist, but a lyricist too. One of Los Angeles’ newest singer-songwriters, Negrete is a multi-faceted millennial with a vintage style and distinct perspective. Each phrase is an actuality, and her soulful voice draws inspiration from classic singers like Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald and Stevie Nicks, to modern legends like Beyoncé and Lauryn Hill. 

Negrete has been performing on stage since age 7 growing up in Des Moines, Iowa. After studying opera as a teen, she went on to join the jazz conservatory at Chicago College of Performing Arts. Her path hasn’t been an easy one — Negrete traveled hard roads and spent a year singing abroad in China, where she was greatly humbled and forced to face her darkest truths. Those experiences and realizations form the backbone of Negrete's songs on her debut album, Algorithms. 

“I write at my best when I am very passionate about particular philosophies that stem from self-realizations and a change in perspective,” she explains. “I find that if I have purposeful lyrics first, everything else will fall into place.” 

Here’s your chance to experience a new fresh sound, with sophisticated musicianship and a penchant for experimentations. Welcome to Emma’s world…