Emma Louise Negrete is an American singer/songwriter born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. She has been singing since the age of three years old and started performing when she was 7 years old. Emma spent many of her years participating in many choirs and ensembles with a wide variety of genres. She studied opera during high school and went on to study vocal performance in the jazz conservatory at the Chicago College of Performing Arts. She performed in many venues around Chicago with her band which inspired her to pursue music full time and move to Los Angeles, California. Her first debut show was at Universal City Walk and since then she has been performing her original music in several local venues. In 2018, she made her first official release of "Absent" written about being a lost artist always running from her past, only to find herself reconnecting with her roots. Her second single release was her song "Blue Dreamin'" written about heartbreak. She uses vocal harmonies influenced by one of her favorite songs by Bill Withers, "Just the two of us." Mid-2018, Negrete was offered a residency gig as a singer in 3 different nightclubs in China. She packed up her things and moved to ShenZhen, China with no return flight. She sang pop sets with a DJ and a band every single night for 5 months. This was an exciting lifestyle but she found it mundane singing other peoples' music for a living. She was inspired to write her own music and found her true voice as an artist. She went on to travel solo around Southeast Asia for two months after leaving China. Negrete often writes about the people, observations, self realizations, culture, and struggles she experienced while living overseas. She is influenced by the various sounds she has heard from several different countries. Since returning to Los Angeles, Negrete has been consistently writing more music that she is thrilled to share with the world. She recently released her single  "Living in the Post" written about gaining back the control of her own mind and no longer being consumed by the comparison and expectations of social media and her peers. "Living in the Post" is a triumph song about not letting fears of the future define your current moment because the only moment that matters is now. Stay tuned for the release of her next single "Lost in Translation" on January 1, 2021!